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2023 Martial Arts Seminar Elevates Skill and Unity Through Weapon Sparring Focus

School owner PKJN Stephen Runnacles and students of Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil gathered at Norton Sub Hamdon village hall this November for their annual martial arts seminar. Joining them were the instructors and students from Weston Super Mare.


The martial arts seminar brought a fresh perspective to combat techniques. The primary spotlight of the event was the exploration of sparring techniques, ranging from hand-to-hand to the more intriguing and dynamic sparring involving weapons, such as swords and the intricate use of jool bohngs (the Korean name for nunchucks).


Distinguishing itself from previous seminars, this gathering honed in on the art of weapons sparring, emphasizing the skillful maneuvering and disciplined approach required in wielding various combat tools. Notably, the sessions were dedicated to the mastery of jool bohngs, emphasizing both single and double-handed techniques.


The presence of notable guest instructors, ranging from 6th to 9th dahn masters from around the UK, brought a depth of expertise to the seminar. Their guidance and contributions further enriched the experience for the attendees.


The seminar witnessed large attendance of students from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil and Weston Super Mare combined.  There was a diverse spectrum of participants, being adults and children, including the youngest attendees at just 5 years old!


PKJN Steve says “the seminar was a great opportunity for students to refine their sparring skills, encouraging growth and proficiency. We learned so much and all of our students left buzzing with their updated martial art skills.”


There is more excitement on the horizon.  At the end of November, the largest number of students from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil will be travelling to participate in a national grading and compete in a martial arts UK tournament in Liverpool.


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