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COVID19 and martial arts training

Testing times

As martial artists, we are always training for the unexpected and COVID19 is no exception!

Whist we were able to, we continued to train taking additional safety precautions.   Ensuring students had access to hand sanitiser, regular water breaks and social distancing within our classes.  However, at very short notice the government announced closure of schools and gyms.  So we temporarily closed the doors to our school.

It was with sad hearts that we said goodbye to our main home of Milford Community Hall.  It had been our main home for the past five years since opening our martial arts school.

Going online

We gave our students, their families (and ourselves) a little space to regroup and take stock of our changed lifestyles.  All staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

Moving our martial arts classes online for our students meant they could keep their training going.  Keeping physically fit and mentally healthy during these testing times.

Via the power of online meeting portals, we are now running nine separate classes for our students.  In the current uncertain times, both students and ourselves find comfort and reassurance putting on our uniforms, tying our belts and practising via the power of the internet.

As instructors, its great to see everyone’s smiling faces and to keep the connection going with our students and their families online.

Looking forward

We are always looking forward – there will be a time when life will return slowly back to normality.  Although it may seem a long way off at the moment!  We are excited to announce that we have secured our own place at Unit 21, Bartlett Court, Sea King Road, Lynx Trading Estate, Yeovil, BA20 2NZ.

Currently we are using this unprecedented time to get the venue ready. When we can restart our classes we can hit the ground running!

We can’t wait to see you all again in person!

In the meantime, stay safe

SBN Steve and KSN Sally

For more infomation about COVID19, please visit the NHS website:


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