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December 2020 – Black Belt promotions and a year in review

The second coronavirus lockdown came into force just as students and their supporting families from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil martial arts were due to be travelling the UK motorways up to Liverpool to take part in their final national Black Belt testings.

SBN Steve Runnacles (4th Dahn) and school owner says, “as Black Belts we have a “never give up spirit”.  A lockdown did not stop us or our students.  Gradings were done online and in person adhering to government guidelines in force at the time.”

As a result, Kuk Sool Won of Yeovil™ also saw their largest group of students promoting to Black Belt since opening their doors in 2015.  Achieving their first dahn, Jyo Kyo Nym title were: Andy Cockwell, Ashanti Edwards, Alex Kleszczewski, Arthur Nation, Adam Pittman, Ella Reid, Bethany Walters and Charlotte Walters.

Parent, Gareth Nation says “my son Arthur has been attending Kuk Sool Won if Yeovil for 4 years now, he has just graded for his Black Belt and he couldn’t be happier.  SBN Steve and KSN Sally have given their time, dedication and commitment to him and the other students who attend their classes to challenge and support them to grow as individuals.  Over the past months, their true commitment to their students has shone through.  As a parent, I’m grateful of their devotion to Arthur and his younger brother Auden (soon to follow in his brother’s footsteps).  Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil not only teaches children martial arts, but also lessons for life”.

The Asian new year of 2020 was the year of the rat which represent diligence and thriftiness.  School owner, Steve Runnacles says “we took advantage of this year’s energy to be resourceful so that we would continue to be successful.”

December 2020 Black Belt promotions:


On a look back of 2020, this resourcefulness proved to be correct.  As the UK went into lockdown, Steve and Sally sprang into action.  All the martial arts classes were immediately transferred on to zoom, meaning the students of ages could continue to train.  As the lockdown eased, outdoor classes were also introduced.  Above all, a lease was signed on a unit on the Lynx Trading Estate so that Covid19 safe indoor classes could resume when allowed.

Steve Runnacles says “our priority is the physical, mental and wellbeing of all of our students during these unprecedented times.  By continuing with martial arts classes, it has helped our students, both children and adults to stay strong and to cope with all the uncertain changes.”

2020 saw students continuing with their belt gradings and over the year, Kuk Sool Won of Yeovil saw their largest number of students since opening in June 2015 achieving their first dahn black belts, a great achievement to all.  Special mention for our annual martial arts awards for most improved student to Ieuan Edwards and student of the year to Harrison Jones.

Steve Runnacles says, “it has been a productive 2020 for our students and school.  We are looking forward to 2021 and the opportunities it will bring!”

Student of the Year 2020:


Most improved student 2020:

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