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Sparring at super Saturday seminar!

After a year of martial arts training on zoom, it was with great excitement that the students of Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil were able to gather at Norton Sub Hamdon village hall for a martial arts seminar.

The seminar was attended by SIKJN Alex Suh, 8th Dahn Master who travelled over from Tomball, Texas with other UK Masters to personally instruct the students in Yeovil.

Also, on his first visit to Yeovil was PKJN Kris French, 5th Dahn Master from Thetford, Norfolk.  Master Kris spent 16 years working as a Child Safeguarding detective, defensive tactics instructor and firearms officer for Norfolk police, before pursuing his dream and putting his time and energy into making this martial arts school a success.

The seminar focussed on controlling and chambering kicks with JIKJN Nick Reeve, 6th Dahn Master, advancing on to kicks for sparring with JIKJN Richard Jones, 6th Dahn Master.  Finally learning self and ground defence from Master Kris.

SBN Steve says “it was a great honour to have the high ranking Masters to come and personally teach our students.  We learned so much and all our students left buzzing with their updated martial art skills.”

On conclusion of the seminar tour will see a number of students from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil travelling to participate in a national grading and compete in a martial arts European tournament in Norwich.

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