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WKSA national grading & European tournament success

On the 1 June 2018, students and their supporting families from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil martial arts travelled to Norwich to take part in their national gradings as well as compete in the WKSA European martial arts tournament.

Many of the young students were grading towards their initial goal of becoming a First Degree (1st Dahn) Black Belt and adult students grading towards Second Degree (2nd Dahn) Black Belt.  All were put to the test by Masters in Kuk Sool Won™ martial arts and all successfully passed.

After the national gradings followed the WKSA European Tournament where over 1,000 competitors from across the globe came to Norwich to compete.  The competition standard was high as all competitors were vying to win specially commissioned medals for the special 60th diamond anniversary for the World Kuk Sool Association.

Although few in number, the students of Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil martial arts brought back a total of 10 medals.

SBN Steve Runnacles (4th Dahn) and school owner says “our students put themselves in the spotlight to perform which is not an easy task. They did so with fantastic etiquette and true sportsmanship and we are proud of all of them.”

Team Yeovil
Team Yeovil

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