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Black Belt determination sees promotion and the opening of a new dojang! Summer 2020

The coronavirus lockdown came into force just as students and their supporting families from Kuk Sool Won™ of Yeovil martial arts were due to be travelling the UK motorways up to Norwich to take part in national Black Belt testings. Student Eleanor was due to take her last national testing...

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Safeguarding code in martial arts – our ongoing commitment

We are delighted to confirm our ongoing commitment to the Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts. Not only have we renewed our application for a second year, we have also had a verification check which we successfully passed. Our Welfare Officer, KSN Sally Runnacles has also updated her current...

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Moving forward with martial arts training

We hope everyone is healthy, happy and safe. Covid19 restrictions are slowly easing.  We are moving forward to ensure that our students have a safe and healthy martial arts training environment. At our martial arts school, we are getting ready.  We have hand santisers, hand washing...

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Help available for children during COVID19 restrictions

We appreciate that as time goes on and being in lockdown can cause family tensions and difficulties. We are running our martial arts classes online which is a great for both phycial and mental health for our students and in turn their families. Please find some useful tips here on working...

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Thank you to our students and their families

Our thank you message to our students and their families for their support during COVID19 restrictions.   Please click link to YouTube video: [embedyt]...

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COVID19 and martial arts training

Testing times As martial artists, we are always training for the unexpected and COVID19 is no exception! Whist we were able to, we continued to train taking additional safety precautions.   Ensuring students had access to hand sanitiser, regular water breaks and social distancing within our...

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